Kate Middleton received praise when she showcased her skills on the piano for a joint performance with musician Tom Walker at the "Royal Carols: Together at Christmas" event. A few viewers though thought the attention was a great distraction from the sexual abuse case Prince Andrew is facing.

"Good Morning Britain" viewers poked fun at the event after Walker talked about the moment with show hosts Susanna Reid and Richard Bacon on Wednesday. He joked that he would be "opening" for the royal at Glastonbury next year. He said she was just "incredible" and "fantastic" and even called her a "really, really talented musician."

The singer also revealed that they had a "top secret" rehearsal together so she would feel comfortable with the music. He shared, "We had a top-secret rehearsal to make sure we were both comfortable with playing with each other, it was at Metropolis Studios." He sang and played the guitar while the mum-of-three played the piano on his song "For Those Who Can't Be Here."

Despite the praise from Walker, "GMB" viewers suggested that the royals actually used Kate Middleton to pull the public's attention away from the family's legal woes, specifically that of Prince Andrew's sexual abuse case.

"Royal family have Kate out there playing piano to distract from Prince Andrew," a viewer wrote and one chimed in, "Perfect solution for royalty, when things get tough put Kate on the piano and she'll divert attention from Andrew."

Meanwhile, others questioned what other members of the royal family could do next to further distract the attention away from Prince Andrew. One joked that if his case goes to trial then Kate Middleton "is going to have to go on Ninja Warrior" and another suggested that Prince Edward could go on "Drag Race."

"Oh my days! They've stuck Kate on a piano to back Tom Walker! What next? Charles on Strictly? Beatrice on the Bake-Off? What an embarrassment!" another commented.

Kate Middleton's piano performance came amid tense anticipation on whether Prince Andrew will have to go on trial. Virginia Roberts Giuffre has accused him of "rape in the first degree" in a New York court and said he sexually abused her when she was allegedly being trafficked by the late paedophile Jeffrey Epstein as a minor.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge Adrian Dennis/Getty Images