After tasting success with hit reality show Keeping up With The Kardashians, E! is all set to premiere its first scripted drama series - The Royals.

So, what is The Royals all about? Here's the official summary of their new show:

"Part fairy tale, part cautionary tale set in modern day London, this family ensemble is steeped in all of the regal opulence of the British Monarchy and framed by Shakespeare's Hamlet, a tale of men and women corrupted by power, wealth and desire."

So, let's imagine Game of Thrones set completely in King's Landing and focussing only on the Lannisters. Close enough?

"It's sure to be the kind of look at royalty no one expected to see, but E!'s The Royals is sure to become a guilty pleasure drama for those who watch it," reports Enstars.

While some are calling the show nothing more than "trash TV," it has already been renewed for a second season ahead of its premiere, states the website.

Here's a description of the key characters in The Royals along with a summarised plot outline, via Time, so viewers know what to expect from the premiere episode:

The noble, popular Crown Prince Robert, has died in an accident. The family he leaves behind are a much less palatable bunch. Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) is a vicious, status-besotted Royal Housewife of London. Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) flashed the paparazzi while dancing sans panties in a Paris nightclub. Playboy Prince Liam (William Mosely) has scandalized his family by bedding Ophelia (Merritt Patterson), the American daughter of the palace head of security.

Throw in a pervy royal uncle, Cyrus (Jake Maskall), and various Anglo-trash cousins, and the whole debauched scene has so demoralized King Simon (Vincent Regan), that he is planning to ask Parliament to abolish the monarchy.

The Royals premieres tonight, Sunday, 15 March at 10pm ET/ 9pm CT on E!

Click here to watch the premiere episode live online.