Britain's Duke and Duchess of Cambridge trekked to a Buddhist monastery on a mountainside in Bhutan on 15 April. The couple went one better than the Duke's father, Prince Charles, who on a 1998 trip, broke off his hike to paint a watercolour. Prince William and wife Kate dressed down for the three-hour expedition to the so-called Tiger's Nest that is perched on a mountainside at 10,000ft.

Kate's outfit featured knee-length boots, olive trousers and a leather waistcoat, while William wore an open-necked shirt and beige slacks. The couple stopped along the way to smile for the cameras against the backdrop of the 17th century Taktsang Palphug Monastery across the Paro valley.

"It was amazing, beautiful scenery as you saw and with the mountains like this and the temples at the top it was just stunning to walk up there, see all the scenery and to witness, listen to some of the history and religion of the country. It's really important when you come on a trip like this, to see some of that," William said after the climb.

William admitted that after an easy start it was a bit tricky in the second half. "Yes, I may have slightly spoken too soon. It was a little bit cheeky on the second part, definitely," he said.

Kate was equally mesmerised by the natural beauty of the place and its culture. "It was an amazing experience. I feel very lucky and fortunate to see such beautiful scenery. And as William said learn about the country as well," she said.

Reminded of Prince Charles' visit, William told reporters: "Well, my father didn't make it to the top. That's something I'll be reminding him of when I see him."

The royal couple finally got some time to themselves on the sixth day of their hectic tour of India and Bhutan, where they were welcomed on 14 April by the young – and equally glamorous – king and queen of the tiny Himalayan nation. On 16 April, William and Kate will return to India to visit the Taj Mahal, which was built in 1632 by Moghul Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favourite wife.