Ireland have been working hard prior to their Rugby World Cup match against Romania, with a crowd of up to 90,000 at Wembley Stadium in London expected by organisers on 27 September. Captain Jamie Heaslip said he had prepared well to play the side who lost 38-11 to France on 23 September.

"We are going out to kind of execute our game plan the same as any week," Heaslip told reporters at Wembley on 26 September. "We've been working on it all week. We've looked at Romania pretty deeply, we've been able to look at their games, the video guys have done great work getting a lot of footage of them.

"But I can't exactly get into my game plan and give that away but we are looking forward to just getting out there and playing and it is a great opportunity for our group and to wear the jersey again if only for the day."

Ireland's assistant coach Les Kiss said Romania were a tough team to beat. He said: "They can hurt you. They can put a lot of pressure in that area. They put pressure in the set piece. Their lineout, they got in front of the ball there and didn't let France have the chance to get into the game that way.

'Very robust'

He added: "So whatever intentions we have to play, we want to do other than that starts at the ruck, starts at the set piece so we just need to make sure those things are in place and then we can hopefully imply what we would like to win the game. Because they are very robust, they are just a tenacious team that keeps going for it."

Kiss said Romania had made changes to their line-up, which would be tested at the start of the match. "As it has evolved at the moment it is all very good. However come the kick-off, as I said before, this team will challenge us," he said:

"They have got a back row... it was interesting the back row that they have used. They have put [Mihai] Macovei eight to seven, [Stelian] Burcea we thought they may have started him but they have started with [Daniel] Carpo at number eight and they are just robust and really tough.

"So from the whistle, we are going to have to be in the position to do the job so whatever the position we are with the team, with the squad, you know 31 players out there training, you know, and they are all in good health it all comes down to that kick off and making sure that we know what we have to because the health of it all comes down to what you are dealing on the day."

Wembley views

Ireland are now staying in London for their match, with captain Heaslip observing their hotel has a balcony that overlooks Wembley Stadium. He said: "We've got a great view of the place and you know when we are in our team room we have a nice balcony and I am sure we are going to be able to see kind of the scenes, kind of build up to the day in terms of the fans.

"I mean [coach] Schmidt said there were like 90,000 people maybe coming tomorrow. I'd say a good portion of them will be Irish so it will be interesting to look out of that balcony and see what the crowd is like outside."

Ireland won their opening group D match against Canada, putting seven tries past them. After Romania, they face Italy and France in the pool matches.