A remaster of cult detective game LA Noire seemed unlikely enough when reports circulated that one was in the works for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and now there are reports of a first-person mode and virtual reality (VR) support as well.

The rumour comes from WWG and claims that three separate sources have informed them that Rockstar Games - publisher, but not lead developer of the original - has been prototyping a VR mode for the game.

This mode will be for the PS4 version of LA Noire given that is the only platform mentioned able to support virtual reality thanks to Sony's PlayStation VR headset.

The VR mode will utilise a first-person perspective that will reportedly be made available to all players on each of the remaster's three platforms without the need for VR support.

It should be said that the report only says that a VR mode has been tested, not that such a game would absolutely include the feature.

Developed by Team Bondi, LA Noire was a detective game set in 1940s, post-war Los Angeles, following an officer named Phelps tasked with solving a range of cases across various departments of the LAPD.

At the game's core was an interrogation mechanic that hinged on motion-capture techniques that created in-game characters with expressive faces players could read and adjust their questioning in reaction to.

It wasn't exactly perfect six years ago, occupying the uncanny valley, so with time and in first-person we have some reservations about the effect a first person LA Noire would have on players.

Rockstar has yet to confirm an LA Noire remaster in fact exists. It was first reported back in January when noted Rockstar insider, Yan2295 said he had heard of a Switch version, which Direct-Feed Games elaborated on by reporting PS4 and Xbox One versions as well.

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