Russell Brand got candid on social media about how he has had his heart broken several times from his teenage years up until he got married, just hours after his ex-wife Katy Perry confirmed she is pregnant with her first child with Orlando Bloom.

The "Get Him To The Greek" star looked back on his past heartbreaks in an Instagram video titled "How I Got Over Heartbreak." In it, he shared that he has experienced heartbreak for most of his life.

"Now I'm in my 40s so I can look back at heartbreak when I was 15, heartbreak when I was 12, heartbreak when I was 11, heartbreak in my 20s and 30s. You know sort of right into like until when I got married. Just getting my heart broken again and again," Brand said in the video.

The comedian explained why he had his heart broken several times. He reckoned that it was because he liked "to be in the outside." He said that when he meets someone "illuminating and exciting" he invests in them in "silent obsession, zeal, and devotion." He admitted that it is because he easily falls in love.

"I know I have a reputation for being promiscuous and I was a promiscuous person but, also, I used to really fall in love with people," Brand added and looked back on a romantic moment he spent with someone he fell in love with while in Sydney, Australia. The actor then shared how a person can get over a heartbreak through meditation as one method.

Brand's message about heartbreak comes after Perry confirmed with her fans that she is pregnant. She teased the pregnancy in her music video for her new single "Never Worn White." The singer also confirmed the pregnancy in a tweet and through a live chat with fans, where she told them that the baby and her new album are both coming in the summer.

Perry and Brand were married from 2010 to 2012. They eventually divorced and their split played out during the singer's "Katy Perry: Part of Me" documentary. Brand is now married to Laura Gallacher, with whom he shares a child. Perry is set to marry Bloom in Japan.

Russell Brand Katy Perry
Katy Perry and Russell Brand pictured in 2011. Getty Images