ghost car
Image taken from footage showing a ghost car in Russia Youtube

Footage of a 'ghost car' has emerged from Russia, with a car appearing out of nowhere as vehicles take a left turn at a busy intersection.

None of the turning cars seem to crash into the mysterious automobile, although a dark BMW comes very close but stops just before a possible collision.

ghost car
The car seems to appear out of nowhere Youtube

The driver of a vehicle behind the BMW, who is filming the whole scene, screams as soon as the car appears.

The video does not appear to be edited.

Uploaded on YouTube on 31 march, it has over one million views.

In the comment below the video, posted on Top Gear website, some people try to provide an explanation.


The Merc came from the same direction as that tram in the background, and must have jumped the lights. The BMW driver didn't see him until the last moment, but if you look closely, you'll see the driver of the Chevrolet to the right hit the brakes much earlier, as he clearly did see the C-Class coming.

"Peter Cooper" adds:

I fully agree with what you have said, watching closely underneath the tram at 7/8 seconds in you see the headlights of the car cuts across underneath the tram whilst the BMW is turning, and at 11/12 seconds in you can see literally a fraction of the rear of the car on the right hand side of the BMW. Nailed it

"Marvin Hoenselaar":

Also the reflection of the lights of the mercedes is visible underneath the BMW, already when the left rear tyre goes up the middle part of the road. He must have come up really fast and then slowed down to pass behind the first car in the right lane turning left. Unfortunately he didn't have enough speed left to leave the BMW untattered.