A Russian punk rock musician known as Pussy, has been declared insane after he cut off his girlfriend's head and performed out a sex act with it, while wearing one of her dresses. Aleksandr U., 23, murdered 22-year-old Viktoria V., in the city of Voronezh, in July last year.

Police first discovered the decapitated body of the young woman. They then found her head, which Aleksandr had used to give himself oral sex. Aleksandr – whose full name cannot be reported in accordance with Russian law - is said to have enjoyed dressing up in women's clothes and masturbating.

When his friends in the punk band Easy Riders learnt about his fetish, they removed him from the group, but they initially said it was because he had a drug problem. When his girlfriend discovered he was wearing her clothing and makeup, she tried to end their relationship and it was then that he murdered her. He stabbed and slashed her 53 times.

Russian website newsru.com reported he was drinking on the night of the sickening murder and had been taking 'bath salts' a slang term for a range of drugs including mephodrone.

After an investigation he was ruled mentally ill and has been detained in a psychiatric institute for an indefinite period.