North Korea fishing boat
A North Korean fisherman smokes a cigarette on a fishing boat at the port of Rajin, in the North Korean Special Economic Zone of Rason City, northeast of Pyongyang Carlos Barria/Reuters

Russian border forces boarded a North Korean fishing boat and shot at its crew, killing one man and injuring another eight, Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) have announced.

The intelligence agency said that Moscow's coastguards were forced to take action as the North Korean trawler Dae Yong No 10 had entered an exclusion zone in waters around Moscow.

The FSB added the crew members refused to cooperate and acted aggressively. There was a brief skirmish, which left one Russian with a head injury, leaving the Russians with no options but to open fire.

The violent encounter took place in waters in Russia's East Sea on Friday (14 October) at about 10.30pm local time (7.20pm BST). The vessel was carrying 48 North Koreans.

"During the search and control activities, [Russian forces] found illegally obtained water bio-resources on board the vessel. The ship's crew behaved aggressively towards members of the search group, refusing to comply with legal requirements," the FSB said in a statement.

When crew members of the North Korean boat tried to escape from the scene, the Russian border guard vessel fired at the vessel's propulsion system and on the people on board, the FSB said. The fishermen also allegedly attempted to attack Russian authorities when they boarded their boat.

Officials in Moscow have "informed the Consulate General of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea [the official name of North Korea] in the Russian city of Vladivostok on the use of weapons and the measures undertaken".

Russia and North Korea share part of their border and maintain cordial relations. However, the North's traditional allies, such as China and Russia, have been on the back foot over Pyongyang's increasing belligerent stance on its nuclear programme.