Aleksandrs Zuks and Alina Bogdanova
Aleksandrs Zuks with Alina Bogdanova Facebook

A Russian woman hanged herself on a stairway after she regretted sleeping with her ex-boyfriend behind her partner's back, an inquest heard.

Alina Bogdanova, 28, was in a relationship when she spent the night on October 25 last year with her ex, 29-year-old Aleksandrs Zuks, who lived with her brother in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

Zuks told the court he fell asleep with Miss Bogdanova beside him but found her the next morning apparently "standing on the stairway next to the wall".

He said: "I started talking and asking what she was doing there and when I came closer I realised that the bottom lip was blue."

Her partner Arturas Pakalniskis, from Peterborough, described her as being "very unhappy" about her health problems, but said she wasn't depressed and never mentioned any intention to take her own life.

Pathologist Dr Mike Harris said her state of mind could have been influenced by drinking alcohol.

Alina Bogdanova
Alina Bogdanova Facebook
Alina Bogdanova
Alina Bogdanova Facebook

A statement from the brother, Arnis Bogdanovs, said it had been arranged for his sister to sleep in his room.

He texted her to say "come to bed" and she replied "sleep well". He then texted: "Who did you come to visit?" But there was no reply. The next morning he helped move her body to his room.

South Lincolnshire assistant coroner Siobhan Kelly recorded a verdict of suicide.

She said: "Miss Bogdanova took her own life by hanging."

Speaking after the hearing, a friend said: "Alina was a beautiful person.

"People thought she felt guilty about cheating on Arturas which is maybe why she killed herself but we will never know.

"It is so tragic. She was so full of life."