"Rust" key gaffer Serge Svetnoy claimed that film star Alec Baldwin, assistant director Dave Halls, and armourer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed should be held responsible for the accidental death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the film.

Svetnoy alleged that the actor, who also serves as producer of the movie, and the other above-mentioned names caused him severe "emotional distress" in the wake of the shooting. In his lawsuit, he claimed that the bullet that killed the cinematographer nearly hit him too when it zoomed by.

He added that he was the one who attended to her, trying to keep her conscious while she was profusely bleeding. The tragedy affected him emotionally especially since he had known Hutchins for five years and considered her a dear friend.

As for why Svetnoy is suing Baldwin, he stated in the suit obtained by TMZ that the actor "owed a duty to the Plaintiff and other crew members and actors on the 'Rust' set to handle the Colt Revolver provided to him by defendant Halls with reasonable care and diligence for the safety of 'Rust' cast and crew."

He said this duty includes the 63-year-old "30 Rock" actor to "double-check the Colt Revolver with Halls upon being handled to ensure that it did not contain live ammunition." He added that Baldwin should have handled the gun "as if it was loaded and to refrain from pointing it at anyone." Suffice to say, the suit alleged that defendant was also negligent because he failed to ensure that the prop gun handed to him was indeed a cold gun.

Svetnoy, who has worked on other action films including "Act of Valor" and "The Second Front," added that the scene being filmed at the time of the incident did not even involve a shootout. It only called for the actor to draw the gun and point it in the general direction of the camera and not pull the trigger.

The suit further claimed that Baldwin was negligent because he cut production costs on "Rust" by "hiring an insufficient number of crew members to safely handle the props and firearms." Svetnoy believes he may not get over the mental anguish of seeing Hutchins dying and is asking for damages and a jury trial.

Halyna Hutchins
Ukraine-born cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, seen here in January 2018, died shortly after the shooting incident in New Mexico. Photo by: GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Sonia Recchia GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Sonia Recchia