Ryanair Announces PayPal Partnership
Ryanair has announced that customers will now be able to pay for flights using their PayPal accounts Ryanair

Ryanair has announced a partnership with PayPal to allow customers pay for flights using the online payment processor.

As part of its on-going attempts to re-brand itself as a more friendly and customer-focused company, Ryanair has announced the deal which will allow customers pay for flights using the online payment processor.

Ryanair's head of marketing, Kenny Jacob, said the new partnership would give the company's 86 million customers "even more ways to book and pay" on the company's website.

The PayPal deal is part of Ryanair's "Always Getting Better" programme - a major public relations exercise initiated in the wake of falling revenue to try and change people's perception of the budget airline, which until now has not been exactly positive.

In May, Ryanair recorded its first profit slump in five years.

Previous parts of the campaign include the introduction of allocated seating, a free second carry-on bag, reduced fees, a new website, a new app and mobile boarding passes and the Ryanair Family Extra service.

Tailored business product

Jacobs has also announced the company will next unveil a "tailored business product" in the coming weeks, though he gave no more details as to what this entails.

PayPal's Louise Phelan said the deal would help Ryanair expand its customer base internationally:

"PayPal is delighted to help Ryanair develop its customer experience by making it even easier and quicker for travellers to book and pay for their flights online. With our 152 million active accounts across the world, we're also making it easier for businesses such as Ryanair to expand their international sales."