Two Ryanair planes hit each other on the runway of Dublin Airport in the third such incident involving the low cost carrier's aircraft in under a year.

Images from the scene on the runway showed a metal wing tip on one plane bent out of shape. Ryanair said it struck the tail fin of the second aircraft while they were both taxiing.

Passengers on board the flights to Edinburgh and Zadar in Croatia were evacuated off the planes, following the collision. Nobody was injured, reports said.

Ryanair blamed air traffic control at the airport. A spokesman said: "The winglet of one aircraft appears to have scraped the tail fin of the other. Both aircraft were under the instruction of Dublin Airport Air Traffic Control at the time."

The collision follows two identical incidents also involving Ryanair planes. In October 2014, the winglet of one craft became wedged inside the rear horizontal stabiliser of another plane, when they collided at Dublin Airport. In June 2014, a plane's tail fin was torn off at Stanstead airport when two craft struck each other.