British Indian businessman and Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty's husband, Raj Kundra, got to be at the receiving end of Salman Khan fans' ire post his recent interview where he said that the Kick star doesn't earn as much as him.

Kundra stated that what he makes in a month is way higher than even Salman Khan's earnings from films.

"That's true. And I don't see any fun in being like him," he said in the interview. He further added, "I can bet Salman doesn't earn that much...well, at least nowhere near me. I am in for making films only because my wife has been part of this industry."

Soon after the interview went public, the Dabangg star's fans took to Twitter to slam Raj Kundra.

The businessman in return posted a few spiteful tweets. One of them, taking a dig at Salman's latest release Kick: "To all haters....all I have to say is when u do charity u don't need to talk about it. What I do when I do is none of your business. #kick" However he later deleted this post, according to IndiaToday. On 23<sup>rd morning, Kundra posted more tweets claiming the interview had been tweaked.