Samsung Galaxy Note 4
A concept design photo of Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

A patent application filed by Samsung suggests that the company has been working for an S Pen stylus enabled by ultrasound technology.

Starting with the first generation Galaxy Note to the current Galaxy Note 3, all the Notes feature S Pen stylus, which works with digitaliser built into the display.

Now the patent application shared by Galaxy Club reveals the next Galaxy Note series will come with an S Pen, which is powered by ultrasound technology.

The patent application describes the working of S Pen with ultrasound waves, which are collected by up to four sensors located at the either side of the phone. The ultrasound technology will avoid the use for a digitaliser on the screen, which will again result in lower cost and a thinner display, adds Sammobile.

If the aforementioned report turns true, then Samsung's Galaxy Note series will not be the first to have S Pen stylus based on ultrasound. Earlier this year, Qualcomm unveiled a tablet using the ultrasound enabled stylus with the technology built into the Snapdragon 805 chip.

However, we are not sure if Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 will come with S Pen using ultrasound technology. The Galaxy Note 4 has been rumoured to be coming in two variants in terms of processor, one with Exynos and another one powered by Snapdragon 805, which might be accompanied by an ultrasound S Pen. Below are the images of ultrasound S pen working on Galaxy Note.