Samsung Galaxy Note 4 StarWalker stylus montblanc

Samsung and Montblanc now have a premium accessory that might entice every Galaxy Note 4 owner. The South Korean Electronics giant is pitching some luxury accessories for its class leading phablet, namely a new leather cover for the Note 4, apart from a gorgeous looking stylus.

Established in 1906, Montblanc, the German based craftsmen, have been purveyors of upmarket pens, and to this day have always been recognised as the standard bearer of fine writing instruments.

Exclusively designed for the Note 4, the company says that the Montblanc Extreme Cover for Galaxy Note 4 is made of "high-performance leather" that can provide "unique abrasion resistance, water and heat repellence and more. Also worth noting is that the cover encapsulates a digital ID chip that once connected to the Galaxy Note 4, will automatically provide owners access to digital Montblanc content.

The StarWalker stylus is another premium offering from Montblanc and is a writing instrument based on Samsung's S Pen technology. What's unique about the instrument is that the e-StarWalker can be either a traditional pen or a ScreenWriter. Users can simply switch out the ink cartridge to change the instrument's usage. Montblanc's StarWalker fineliner refill is for ink, while the e-refill is for use on the Galaxy Note 4.

The Montblanc Extreme cover costs $245, the StarWalker and Pix stylus pieces start at $350 for the basic Pix (rollerball model), and exceed $1,200 for the StarWalker Ultimate Carbon.