Samsung's fourth generation Galaxy Note will feature a screen size similar to that of the current Galaxy Note 3, according to a new report.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been rumoured on several occasions and was reported to feature a flexible display. Now, GSMArena has received exclusive information and published a screenshot revealing all the details of the display. The table in the screenshot below has Galaxy Note 4 along with a few variants of Galaxy S5 such as Galaxy S5 Mini and Galaxy S5 Prime.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The listing suggests a device with model number N910 T (Muscat), which is Samsung's next generation Galaxy Note.

According to the listing, the Galaxy Note 4 will feature model number N910x, with last digit separating sub-versions of the device. For instance, 0 is usually for a device with Exynos chip, whereas 5 is for a Snapdragon powered device, 6 is for the LTE version and 2 is for the dual-SIM variant.

Besides, the listing suggests that the Galaxy Note 4 will have a screen size similar to that of its predecessor, at 5.7in. The Note 4 will have a QHD screen with resolution at 1440 x 2560 pixels and giving it a pixel density of 515 pixels per inch (ppi). The Galaxy Note 3, in contrast, features screen resolution at 1080 x 1920 pixels, paired with pixel density at 386 ppi.

History shows all Samsung Notes increasing by 0.2in each generation. The original Galaxy Note comes with a 5.3in screen, while the Galaxy Note sports a 5.5in screen and the current Galaxy Note 3 has a 5.7in screen. Considering Samsung's tradition, the Galaxy Note 4 should feature a screen that is 0.2in larger than the Note 3, making it a 5.9in variant.

As for its display technology, Lee Younghee, executive vice president of Samsung's mobile business, had recently said that the Galaxy Note 4 could include a bendable display. However, he also added that this was yet to be finalised.