After months of rumours and speculation, they Samsung Galaxy S3 official release date nears. The device is set to be released officially on 30 May in the UK. The Korean giant has taken the plunge in providing a smartphone that boasts special features which makes it stand out from the crowd. Tech enthusiasts who cannot wait till 30 May will be able to grab the smartphone a day earlier if it is pre-ordered from Samsung's brand store at Westfield Stratford City in London. The company has announced that its partner retailers can offer pre-orders at 7pm the same evening.

While the release date gets closer, it is a best opportunity to wonder about the reasons that could make the Samsung Galaxy S3, a successful gadget.

Top Factors For Samsung Galaxy S3’s Victory
Top Factors For Samsung Galaxy S3’s Victory

Splendid success of Samsung Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy S series has revolutionised the smartphone market. The Galaxy S series has been valued by customers. In addition, the Galaxy S2 has been the best smartphone in the range of top smartphones. It has generated 20 million sales in the first 12 months. The company bagged the Device Manufacturer of the Year award at Global Mobile Award Winners 2012; the Galaxy S2 was voted as the best smartphone. The device could compete with Apple's iPhone 4S, Nokia Lumia 800 and Galaxy Nexus.

Samsung Pre-orders reach nine million

According to earlier reports in IBTimes UK, Samsung Electronics has received nine million pre-orders for the Galaxy S3 worldwide. The report contains information about 290 carriers in 145 carriers. Probably, the Korean giant will sell as many as Galaxy S3 units on the first day as the Galaxy S2 smartphones in six months. Reports suggest that Samsung's factories are working to full capacity to fulfil the massive demand to churn out five million units of the Galaxy S3 a month.

"If pre-order numbers are anything to go by, there's little doubt that Samsung's latest flagship smartphone will result in very strong quarter revenues for the South Korean company, as well as making it the undisputed king of Android handsets by shipping volume, and pre-order interest," elaborates TechSpot.

Implementation of Extra-ordinary technology

Samsung has introduced striking features in the new Galaxy S smartphone. Starting with Smart Stay feature, it lets the phone to stay awake when it senses that a user is looking at it. The technology uses the front-facing camera to optimise user experience. The camera will detect the eye movement of the user so that the device will know if the user is looking at the screen or not. The functioning involves a small icon at the top of the display according to News Broadcast. By utilising this technology, the device will have the ability to dim the screen automatically if the user does not view the content on the display. Thereby, it improves the battery life too. S Voice has been the most talked feature of Galaxy S3 which is expected to rival Apple's Siri. It could be a clear competitor to Siri. The new voice technology allows users to control their handset with voice. S Voice will have the ability to respond to spoken commands like "wake up" if the screen is turned off or "snooze" for an alarm.

Various carriers will offer Galaxy S3

In the UK, the major telecom firms will carry the Galaxy S3 which include O2, Vodafone, Three, T-Mobile and Orange. According to earlier reports in IBTimes UK, Vodafone will be the first carrier in the UK to sell the device. According to G4 Games, the US variants are expected to be sold by four major carriers which include AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon. The Japanese variant of the Galaxy S3 has been officially unveiled by NTT Docomo, which packs 2GB of RAM and powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core processor.

Support to 42Mbps DC-HSPA Network

Recently, the UK carrier O2 has begun rolling out the 42Mbps variant of DC-HSPA which is the fastest variant of 3G network. The Korean giant has confirmed that the UK model of Galaxy S3 will offer 42Mbps DC-HSPA. It is twice the speed of HSPA+ which is currently being used in the UK. Probably, users may prefer the device that will have a faster speed.

The PenTile display will offer longevity

According to earlier reports in IBTimes UK, Samsung's Philip Berne explanation about using PenTile layout suggests that it will reportedly offer durability and longevity. PenTile layout has already been used in Galaxy Nexus, while the latest layout has been improved incorporating smaller gaps in its sub-pixel matrix which results in reduced fringing effects of the PenTile layout in the Galaxy S3.