Gear S3 functionalities leak
Details about the functionalities of Samsung Gear S3 emerge Getty Images

Samsung's upcoming Gear S3 smartwatch will feature an altimeter, barometer, speedometer and integrated GPS, suggests the latest disclosure. These features are aimed at users with an active lifestyle.

According to Sammobile, which claims to have obtained exclusive information about the functionalities, the altimeter in the S3 will measure altitude and provide users with the details on the display in meter/mile. It will also display an altitude graph with hour and altitude on the X-axis and Y-axis. With the S3 connected to the internet and location service being enabled, users would be able to calibrate the altimeter, just with a tap.

The barometer will measure atmospheric pressure and display the reading on the S3 with the hPa unit. There will be a weather indicator to check upcoming weather conditions. The wearer would be able to manually calibrate the barometer with reference values for altitude, sea level pressure and distance. The weather changes warning would be enabled by default and alert users when a pressure drop of 4hPa or more occurs in a period of over three hours.

The speedometer would measure current speed, calculate average speed, track distance and total time. The GPS is expected to play a key role for the speedometer, which will not work in case the location services are disabled on the smartwatch or on the device it is connected to.

These features would be helpful to users who do mountain climbing, skydiving and surfing. Support for the aforementioned features could be the biggest selling point of the smartwatch. Samsung is likely to make an announcement about the Gear S3 at the 2016 IFA trade show.