Apple appears to have learned a lot from its recent mistakes which are clearly seen by its most recent hardware reveals in 2020. Last month, at WWDC 2020, more improvement on the software side have apparently convinced tech pundits that the company is committed to dominating communication, entertainment, privacy, and productivity. Among the devices that have already debuted, the new iPad Pro is shaping up to be a tough contender for the latter. However, it seems Samsung has something in store that could potentially overtake its rival.

A few months ago, several tech industry insiders leaked details about the South Korean consumer electronics company's next slate. Based on the naming convention the brand follows, it was rumoured to be called the Galaxy Tab S7 series. While many prefer the vibrant colours and excellent viewing angle offered by an AMOLED panel, others prefer the nuances of an IPS LCD display. Moreover, the 120 Hz refresh rate of the iPad Pro gives it an advantage over its Android counterpart.

The above-mentioned parity might soon be a thing of the past as Samsung prepares to take on Apple's latest iteration of its professional-grade tablet. Gizmodo reports that leaked documents hint at two upcoming devices referred to as "Palette 1" and "Palette 2." Some may argue that these could be codenames for the Galaxy Tab S7 models, but it is likewise possible that the items in question could be a new premium lineup.

The speculated slates might be geared towards content creators who want a powerful yet portable platform that could essentially replace a laptop. The first one touts a 90 Hz refresh rate, while the other promises an even higher 120 Hz. Both will purportedly offer a Wi-Fi, 4G, and 5G variants, upgrade S-Pen support, and a keyboard accessory (it was not indicated if this will be optional).

Samsung Palette tablet series leaked by insiders
Samsung is the world's largest smartphone maker AFP / Hector RETAMAL

As for the pricing, Samsung is supposedly considering a price range of as low as $784 and as high as $1,245 depending on the specifications and connectivity. Given that the Palette tablets are being marketed as potential high-end replacements for notebooks, it is possible that these will run on Windows 10 instead of Google's operating system.