Samsung has recently introduced its new Exynos ModAP quad-core processor, which is expected to power company's upcoming Galaxy flagship devices.

The Exynos ModAP quad-core processor is the company's first generation integrated LTE Modem-AP with advanced 4G LTE connectivity. It is built using 28nm HKMG process and supports various mobile network standards including LTE allowing better connection. Besides, it offers faster multitasking.

The devices powered by Exynos ModAP, with its advanced Image Signal Processing, are capable of recording high resolution video and playing back higher quality graphics without buffering.

The Exynos ModAP integrates Exynos RF chip, which provides seamless connections with faster data transfer speed.

Although there is no official word, Redmond Pie claims Samsung will use the powerful Exynos ModAP processor inside the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6.

Samsung, in keeping with tradition, has been using the IFA trade fair to unveil the new Galaxy Note line ups. This year also Samsung is likely to introduce the Galaxy Note 4, which has been rumoured on several occasions revealing its hardware specifications.

Additionally, Samsung's recent launch of Exynos ModAP processor hints that the capability of Galaxy Note 4's Exynos processor.

Following the launch at IFA, Samsung's next Galaxy Note is expected to be rolled out to the market towards the end of same month, on 25 September with the mass production of the device said to start in June-July timeframe.