Samsung has released an integral software update for the Gear S2, the preview for which leaked last week. The update is slated to bring a ton of new features including a whole new user interface for the smartwatch.

The software update, as per SamMobile, has a file size of 61.1MB and firmware version R732XXU2DPFB for the Gear S2 classic and R730XXU2DPFB for the Gear S2 Sport. Although it seems like an OTA version, it is not known in which countries users are getting the update as of now.

The update about which IBTimes UK reported earlier brings features like My Photo watch face where users can use photos as backgrounds in watch faces just as they are used on phones. The update will also offer watch face recommendations and let users install these faces.

One of the major improvements to the device through the update will reflect on its fitness tracking ability which will now be able to monitor sleep. Unlike most fitness trackers in the market that tell users about their sleep patterns including deep and light sleep hours, the Gear S2 was devoid of the feature for a long time.

Apart from these, the update will incorporate fresh changes like social sharing for activities, new S Voice commands, a new contacts app and widget and more. There will also be a UV index information in the weather app and a master menu for managing notifications.