Ever since the first-generation AirPods became available, Apple has been lauded for redefining the true-wireless audio market. Despite other brands clearly being ahead of the Cupertino, California-based company, the performance and quality it delivers make it the go-to choice among consumers. However, Samsung has been pushing back with its own portable earbuds. Among the devices that debuted during its virtual Unpacked 2020 event, the South Korean electronics firm introduced the Galaxy Buds Live and the cutting-edge tech that goes with it.

Apple is rumoured to unveil a new model supposedly called the AirPods Studio soon, which might be its first over-ear wireless headphones. Depending on how well it does after it is released, Samsung might follow with something similar in the future. For now, it hopes to establish a foothold in the portable wireless audio market with the Galaxy Buds Live, which unlike the AirPods Pro, is offered in three colours: Mystic Black, Mystic White, and Mystic Bronze.

The latter appears to be the signature colourway Samsung wants to promote in 2020. As such, most of its latest lineup of products can be bought in the aforementioned shade. The only exception seems to be the 45 mm version of the Galaxy Watch 3 which only comes in silver or black. Tech journalists who received a demo unit praised its ergonomic form factor. In contrast with the AirPods series, which still retains the stem for aesthetic purposes, the Galaxy Buds Live flaunts a sleeker shell.

Some of the popular features the AirPods Pro brought to the table were active noise cancellation and Transparency mode. The former should be familiar to those who own headphones and earphones with the function on board. Meanwhile, the latter is intended for safety. Samsung's approach uses three microphones to filter unwanted noise or to allow ambient sound to pass through. Therefore, users can remain aware of their surroundings even with the earphones on.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live fully unveiled
In contrast with the AirPods series, which still retains the stem for aesthetic purposes, the Galaxy Buds Live flaunts opts for a sleeker shell. Photo: Samsung

The Galaxy Buds Live sports 12-mm speakers and a bass duct. Samsung claims this produces the acoustic nuances most people want to hear. Each unit is powered by a 60 mAh battery good for approximately six hours of playback. Furthermore, the charging case is equipped with a 472 mAh battery to add 15 hours more.