Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew still live together in the same house because they benefit from each other, according to a book.

The exes, who divorced in 1996, still live under one roof at Royal Lodge on the grounds of Windsor Great Park in Berkshire. They continue to effectively co-parent their children, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. The Duchess of York also continues to praise her ex-husband in public even calling him a kind man amid his sexual abuse scandal. She has always boasted about their close relationship through the years.

But royal biographer Tina Brown alleged in her book, "The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor, the Truth and the Turmoil," that their relationship is far from ideal. She cited an incident in 2015 when a media executive visited Fergie at Royal Lodge and was shocked to hear what Prince Andrew called his ex-wife.

They were reportedly having lunch when the Duke of York entered the room and said, "What are you doing with this fat cow?" The anonymous media executive was said to have been left "stunned at his level of sadism."

Brown wrote as quoted by Page Six, "I thought, 'What an a–hole.' She has to sing for her supper. She's afraid of him.'"

The royal biographer claimed that Sarah Ferguson can take the insults because she benefits from him. She explained, "Whatever the undertow of their curious arrangement, the deal seems to be that he bails her out when she's in trouble and she backs him up when he's assailed by scandal. It is the symbiosis of sheer survival."

Brown claimed that Prince Andrew is there to help Fergie out when she runs into financial problems. Sarah Ferguson, on the other hand, continues to publicly show her support for him no matter the situation. She even denied allegations that he sexually abused Virginia Roberts Giuffre during a press round of her new book in 2021. She called the Duke of York a "kind, great man" and said, "I feel very strongly that in this day and age that we must stand by our hearts, what we think is right with integrity and honor and loyalty."

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23 July 1986: Prince Andrew and his bride Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, wave to crowds from the balcony of Buckingham Palace while Queen Elizabeth II and the Queen Mother look on AFP]