Most large companies spend a huge amount of time and effort carefully dealing with consumer complaints. Social media has become particularly important for image-conscious brands who employ thousands of representatives to directly deal with these issues.

However, one confectionery manufacturer from the United States has rejected conventional wisdom by hitting back at customers who insulted their brand on social media.

This weekend (December 16-17) MoonPie brilliantly trolled Twitter users who claimed their products are outdated and unpopular with the public.

Their sassy replies have gained praise from the general public, who appreciate the break from bland and inoffensive corporate messaging.

After one customer claimed that "nobody likes MoonPies" the company hit back with this name-based zinger:

Moonpie Kayla

Another user, not impressed with their Twitter hi-jinx, said that the company should knock it off. He wrote: "Your time is wasted managing a social media account", which prompted MoonPie to point out the illogicality of the situation.

The tweet has been massively popular with over 55,000 retweets from amused users. The original poster has since deleted his tweet.

Anyone who has eaten a MoonPie will know that the treat as a chocolate-covered marshmallow biscuit (Brits: think Wagon Wheel) and is popular across the United States, particularly in the southern states.

The company, based in Chatannooga, Tennessee, is still privately-owned, which may explain its free-rein approach to social media. In the past months it has built a reputation as one of the most unusual and creative brands on social media and has grown its once tiny audience to an impressive 100,000 followers.

MoonPie 2