Lujain Hathloul
Lujain Hathloul tried to defy the Saudi driving ban on women by driving into the Kingdom from UAE on 1 December 2014. Twitter

Saudi Arabia has extended the detention of the Saudi woman, who was arrested last week for attempting to brave driving into the Kingdom from UAE, along with the female activist who assisted her at the border, a relative of one of the women confirmed to The Associated Press on Sunday (7 December).

In brief,For the past 18 hours, I've been stuck in the UAE-KSA* (land) borders. Denied entry to my country because I'm...

Posted by Loujain Hathloul Alhathloul on Sunday, November 30, 2014

Lujain Hathloul, 25, was arrested on 1 December after filming herself driving in the United Arab Emirates and trying to cross the border into her home country, Saudi Arabia, as part of a '26 October' campaign that is challenging the Saudi driving ban for women.

A UAE-based Saudi journalist and female activist, Maysaa al-Amoudi, 33, who arrived at the scene to support Hathloul by delivering food, water and a blanket was also arrested, confirmed her sister, Hannah al-Amoudi.

Hannah said that on Sunday (7 December), Saudi authorities informed the family without giving any legal reasons that her sister's detention will be extended for 25 days.

Hathloul and Maysaa have been investigated without being allowed an attorney. They are allowed, however to meet their relatives and speak to them over the phone, reported AP.

Maysaa is being held at a central prison while Hathlol is kept at a correctional facility for juveniles, the Al-Ahsa Girls House, confirmed the Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR), a regional human rights group that first reported on the arrests.