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Saudi Arabia said on Monday, 11 September, that it foiled an Isis attack on its defence ministry and arrested two Yemeni nationals who tried to blow up two ministry headquarters in Riyadh - File photo Wikimedia

Saudi Arabian security personnel reportedly arrested two alleged Isis suicide bombers who were attempting to blow up the defence ministry in Riyadh.

Police also arrested two Saudi nationals for allegedly providing assistance to the Isis suspects, the government said. Explosive belts, weapons and ammunition were also seized from the suspects.

The arrested suspects were found to be Yemeni nationals, identified as Ahmed Yaser al-Kaldi and Ammar Ali Muhammad, the kingdom's Presidency of State Security said in a statement. Documents seized from them showed they were using aliases.

Earlier, the department confirmed to Al Arabiya News Channel on Monday (11 September) that the arrested Isis suspects were targeting two headquarters of the defence ministry in capital Riyadh.

A statement from the state security department added that the suicide bombers were arrested "before they reached the target location, neutralising their danger and controlling them by the security men".

The department also said that their security forces seized two explosive belts — each weighing 7kg, nine homemade grenades, firearms and white weapons.

A raid was also conducted on a safe house in Al-Rimal neighbourhood of Riyadh and investigations revealed that a suicide bomber was trained there on wearing and using explosive belts.

The department added that an investigation was underway and more details would be revealed at a later date.