Saudi Arabia's human rights record is once again in the headlines after news that a British pensioner living in the country will be publicly flogged for possessing alcohol. UK prime minister David Cameron personally urged Saudi authorities not to administer the 350 lashings that 74-year-old oil executive Karl Andree was sentenced to for being caught with bootleg wine in his car.

This is not the first time that Saudi Arabia has come under scrutiny for its human rights record, with the country being criticised by groups such as Amnesty International for both its number of executions and freely administered torture practices. In the above video, IBTimes UK explains five of the most barbaric punishments you can receive in Saudi Arabia.

1) Flogging

Flogging, whipping or lashing are all used in Saudi Arabia and can be administered for offences such as spending time with the opposite sex, being gay or even for bringing liqueur chocolates into the country.

Saudi Arabia was recently condemned for sentencing liberal blogger Raif Badawi to 1,000 lashes for "insulting Islam through electronic channels". He was due to receive the lashes over 20 weeks and was given the first set of 50 on 9 January. The second round has so far been postponed on health grounds.

Raif Badawi Saudi Editor lashes
Raif Badawi has been sentenced to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in prison for promoting public debate on his website Twitter

2) Amputation

Right hands have been cut off at the wrist as punishment for theft in Saudi Arabia. Repeat offenders can lose both hands, and legs are sometimes taken for other offences.

3) Stoning

Committing adultery can lead to death by stoning. Men are buried up to their waists and women up to their breasts, with the stones used deliberately small enough to not kill the condemned in just a couple of strikes.

A mannequin dressed in a hijab is seen in front of the Iranian Embassy in Rome September 2, 2010.
Women can be stoned to death for committing adultery in Saudi Arabia Reuters

4) Eye-gouging

Literal eye-for-an-eye sentences have been given in the country. In 2003, a court sentenced Indian migrant worker Puthan Veettil 'Abd ul-Latif Noushad to be punished by having his right eye gouged out in retribution for his role in a brawl in which a Saudi citizen was injured.

5) Beheading

Around 100 people are beheaded in Saudi Arabia every year, with the country beheading nearly twice as many people as Isis so far in 2015. According to unconfirmed reports those condemned to die this way are given tranquilisers, before being taken to a public square after midday prayers. They are then forced to kneel facing Mecca, over a blue plastic sheet, before the executioner severs the head with a sword in one stroke.