Scandal Season 4

Scandal Season 4 Episode 4 titled Like Father, Like Daughter airs tonight and it looks like the episode will finally reveal the reason behind Olivia Pope's absence.

Earlier episodes of Season 4 showed Olivia being hesitant about wanting to visit the White House anymore. "But due to unforeseen circumstances, she has to face the President to clean up another family mess yet again," states a Hallels report. Olivia's confrontation with Fitz is something fans have been looking forward to.

According to the Scandal Season 4, episode 4 synopsis, "Fitz asks Olivia to shut down a situation that could destroy the Grant family's reputation. Meanwhile, Rowan calls on an old friend to do his dirty work."

Also, in a rare move, the show's upcoming episode 4 appears to be continuing from last episode's storyline.

"It's not too often that a case OP&A takes crosses multiple episodes, but on episode 4 we should be learning about what was in the mystery envelope Kathryn's daughter Katelyn was carrying in an elevator when a man attacked her," states a Hypable report.

Meanwhile, Olivia will discover that the reason behind her facing a tough time in the White House is - her own parents.

Scandal Season 4 episode 3 Like Father, Like Daughter airs tonight, Thursday (16 October) at 9.00 pm EST on ABC.

You can click here to watch the episode online via live stream.