Scandal season 4 delivered a dramatic ending in episode 19 when Jake Ballard was fatally stabbed by Rowan Pope's aide Russell, who was also sleeping with Olivia Pope's alter ego Alex.

Papa Pope is back and is bent on creating problems in the life of the gladiators and now his daughter Liv knows it. In the promo of episode 20, she warns her fellow gladiators, "My father will kill all of you just to teach me a lesson."

Rowan has already warned Olivia to shut the case against him as the former head of B613. He also cautioned her against revealing anything about his secret organisation. He said he would disclose some unpleasant information about president Fitzgerald Grant, who apparently used B613 for his own good.

The official synopsis of episode 20 titled First Lady Sings The Blues, reads: "The team taking down B613 is in serious danger and forced to take drastic measures to ensure their safety. In the White House, Mellie is mortified when the nation turns against her and Cyrus is forced to come to her defence."

The promo of the upcoming episode reveals Papa Pope's real intention when he says "Ballard has been eliminated," while a voice over continues, " by one he is coming for them all."

But a recent spoiler report suggests that Jake will be saved by his 'good friend' Olivia and will recover from his stab wounds.

The next episode of Scandal season 4 airs on 23 April on ABC. Watch it live stream online by clicking here to find out whether Jake is alive or dead.