Scandal Season 4
What's next on Scandal season 4? Scandal/Facebook

Olivia Pope is back at her office after the brief kidnapping and auction, but the trauma still haunts her, and Quinn can sense that she's under stress.

In the previous episode, which was inspired by the Micheal Brown shooting in Ferguson, Liv was assigned her first case post her kidnapping, where she investigates a shooting case of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer.

She accepts the case despite Jake's concern, as the Pope daughter was showing symptoms of post traumatic depression.

The upcoming episode is titled The Testimony of Diego Muñoz, and its official synopsis reads: "David Rosen is caught off guard when a surprise visitor reveals insider information about B613 that could take down the White House and destroy Pope & Associates."

A sneak-peek video of episode 15 shows Olivia's return along with Huck and Quinn. Then, Liv is seen telling her gladiators to find the body of her neighbour.

Meanwhile, Guillermo Diaz, who plays always faithful Huck, told TVLine: "We'll definitely see more of that. Especially now that Olivia's back, and with everything still a bit awkward at OPA, Huck is excited about pleasing Olivia and being her main Gladiator."

Click here to watch episode 15 via live stream online. Scandal season 4 returns this Thursday on the ABC network.