Scandal Season 4 Jake is alive
Last episode of Scandal ended on a cliffhanger, when Jake was repeatedly stabbed by Russel (Scandal/ABC

Scandal season 4 episode 19 probably delivered the most shocking twist in the series so far, when Jake Ballard was almost killed after being repeatedly stabbed and left to bleed by Russel, whose B613 roots run pretty deep.

And contrary to what fans saw, Jake is reportedly alive and will be back with Olivia to answer Rowan Pope, who made a dramatic entry in last week's episode.

In the previous episode, Papa Pope asked his daughter to shut the case against him as the former head of B613 and gives her a 48-hour deadline beyond which, he warned, that blood would spill.

Rowan also warned his daughter that revealing his organisation will disclose the unpleasants about president Fitzgerald Grant, who apparently used B613 for his own good.

Meanwhile, Liv, who is still suffering from PTSD after being kidnapped, calls Russell, in spite of Jake telling her that "she can count on him for support".

Shockingly, the Pope daughter introduces herself as Alex to Russel and the two get physical. Little did she know that Russel would attack her best friend after that and he almost did kill Jake.

However, a picture posted by Design and Trend revealed that the fan-favourite character is alive and healing from the knife wounds. Although, Olivia and her gang are under threat as she admits that her father would go to any extents to teach her a lesson.

With only two episodes left for the season finale, it remains to be seen, how the Pope daughter would avenge the attack on Jake and give a fitting reply to Rowan Pope in typical "Olivia style".

Moreover, the promo of the upcoming episode shows, Papa Pope saying "Ballard has been eliminated," while a voice over continues, " by one he is coming for them all."

The official synopsis of episode 20 titled First Lady Sings the Blues, reads: "The team taking down B613 is in serious danger and forced to take drastic measures to ensure their safety. In the White House, Mellie is mortified when the nation turns against her and Cyrus is forced to come to her defence."

The next episode of Scandal season 4 airs on 23 April on ABC. Watch it to find out whether Jake is alive or dead.