Scandal Season 4
What's next on Scandal Season 4? Scandal/Facebook

The mid-season finale of Scandal Season 4 ended on a shocking note with Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) getting kidnapped and taken away from Washington DC.

Fans are now waiting for the show to return post its winter break to find out what happens next. Is Olivia's life in serious danger? What will Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) do to get her back?

Washington spoke to Entertainment Weekly on the day of the mid-season finale table read and said she was glad she does not have to wait to find out what happens the same way the viewers do.

"If audiences are going to have to wait a while for the next episode, I'm grateful we don't have to," she said. "We'll get it next week. I'm dying to know what happens next! It's pretty intense. I wonder if Olivia's going to be in a hole of some sort."

Washington also gave rise to some radical speculation which suggests that her character could get killed!

Will the show's creator and writer Shonda Rhimes adapt the Game of Thrones formula of killing off central characters?

"She's in pretty extraordinary danger," Washington said, talking about Olivia Pope. "Game of Thrones has changed the game. Maybe I've been really misbehaved. Maybe Shonda is mad at me. It did make me feel like, 'Do I need to talk to Shonda?'"

Meanwhile, actor Tony Goldwyn said Olivia's disappearance could bring Jake and Fitz together:

"My guess is that Fitz will really team up with Jake to save Olivia," said Goldwyn. "I think he and Jake would really enlist each other's help. As much as he's got his issues with Jake, Jake's his best ally in doing that."