Scandal season 6 was off to a cracking start last week with show creator Shonda Rhimes' jaw-dropping twist that has probably isolated Olivia Pope at the Oval office. Last week's premiere episode of the ABC political drama saw president-elect Francisco Vargas shot dead during his address to the nation soon after the election results were declared.

This brought the outgoing president Fitzgerald "Fitz" Thomas Grant in the midst of a dilemma where he has to choose between his wife Mellie, who lost the election to Vargas, and Cyrus Beene, who was the Vice President-elect. However, keeping his emotions aside, Fitz declares Cyrus as the next US president much to his former wife's disappointment. Click here to watch the second episode live online on the network's official website.

Olivia, on the other hand, is adamant to find the assassin and suspects Cyrus as the culprit. However, her speculations were turned down by Fitz who asked her to bring more proof. The daughter of Rowan Pope discovers a one deleted voicemail from Vargas' campaign staff Jennifer Fields and points at Cyrus's role in the assassination.

In the upcoming episode, the crisis manager will try to convince Fitz about the Cyrus' involvement, but he again dismisses her accusations by claiming that FBI found the now president-elect innocent.

Read the full synopsis of episode 2 titled Hardball here: After a tight race and shocking conclusion to the election, flashbacks reveal what happened on the campaign trail and just how far Olivia was willing to go to win. Meanwhile, Fitz and Abby are faced with an unprecedented national crisis, and the gladiators are determined to get answers.

While speaking to People, Kerry Washington expressed her shock over the assassination plot twist and teased that her character will 'fix' the problem in order to help her country. "She sees another opportunity to change and fix and help her country in the light of this tragedy. It may be that that serving and helping and fixing is also aligned with some of her agenda, but I think she really is trying to think about what's best for the country," she told the website.

Scandal season 6 airs every Thursday at 9pm EDT on ABC network.

Is Olivia alone in suspecting Cyrus?

Posted by Scandal on Wednesday, February 1, 2017