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Carl Frampton

And Frampton clinches it! The Belfast boy is now the unified IBF and WBA super-bantamweight champion. Scott Quigg's undefeated record is gone. The split decision is perhaps a little generous, Frampton controlled the fight enough to have taken a clean sweep there. A tense, often cagey contest only had one clear winner in the end.

Judges scorecards: 115-113, Quigg. 116-112, Frampton. 116-112, Frampton

Carl Frampton wins via split decision

This will be incredibly difficult for the judges; the first half of that fight was incredibly cagey but you feel Frampton may have edged most of them with his clever jabs. Quigg's power came into the equation later on, but it may have been too little to late.

Round 12: Frampton starts the round much improved, throwing plenty of punches and forcing Quigg back into his shell. Quigg struggles to find anything to counter that, and has barely landed a telling punch. This one is going to the judges' cards. The round ends with a brilliant moment as the two fighters embrace.

Round 11: Quigg starts the round swiftly, swooping in with some neat combinations, landing a sweet right. He is now really starting to wind up those heavy rights, and one of them really hits Frampton who gives a nervous glance to his corner straight after. Quigg suddenly lands a huge right hook, rocking Frampton who is tiring in this round. That seals the round for him, the punch of the fight so far.

Round 10: Lots of punches beeing thrown with Quigg targeting the mid section of Frampton; the punches he does land feel a lot heavier than the ones Frampton is landing. That is forcing the Irishman to fight fire with fire, stepping to his opponent rather than dodging him, a tactic that pays off with a couple of solid hooks. This has been better from Frampton.

Round 9: Quigg has been told he needs to produce something and does with a solid right that forces Frampton into the ropes, but the Irishman blocks the follow up and scampers out of trouble. Quigg uses his power to try and box his opponent in and finds his real combination of the fight, hitting Frampton cleanly with a solid left hook. A comeback from Quigg here?

Round 8: Frampton works the body excellently with a brief flurry but Quigg responds well, catching his opponent with a glancing right. He tries to load up another few heavy rights but none of them really connect. Quigg shades this round just about, as he did in the last one. Frampton ends with a flourish, throwing four solid jobs but all looked to be well blocked.

Round 7: A couple of signs that Quigg may finally be waking up. It's his most aggressive round so far and his superior power comes into show, forcing Frampton into the corner. The contest comes alive for the first time, with each man connecting and taking a flurry of rights. Quigg responds well and catches his opponent with a right, sending him to the ropes, but he can't connect with a powerful follow up and Frampton scampers away.

Round 6: Another slow round. Quigg tries to connect with a swift one-two but it is easily evaded by Frampton who resumes control of the contest, sidestepping the occasion counter. He is racking up the points now and looks the far more comfortable of the two. One solid uppercut was the biggest of those shots; he simply wants this more at the moment.

Round 5: Frampton starts the round the busier of the two again, dodging Quigg's occasion lunge and probing with sharp jabs on the return. The Irishman is racking up more points five rounds in as he outjabs his opponent, but the cat and mouse game continues.

Round 4: Another big swing and a miss early in the fourth from Quigg, Frampton responds with a clever jab. Still, no one looks prepared to take a risk. Qugg does manage to land a sharp right but doesn't follow it up at all, his strongest offering so far tonight.

Round 3: Quigg thros a couple of swinging rights in but they are nowhere near Frampton. Those misses force him back into his shell and the tenative approach continues, stepping away from his opponent. Waiting on the counter, he lands a couple of stinging jabs but nothing to cause any damage. Frampton continues to look the slightly more comfortable of the two.

Round 2: Frampton is the livelier of the two in the second, wading in with a couple of left swings but Quigg's guard remains resiliant, blocking and stepping away neatly. Quigg then comes alive, landing a swift left jab before the Irishman returns with a stiff right of his own. That was the most telling shot of the round.

Round 1: Frampton is looking to find the early opening but his measured jabs aren't landing so far. Very tenatative start to this one as both fighters scout each other out.

Here we go! Round one...

Referee Ernie Sharif will be taking charge of this one tonight.

And here comes Carl Frampton. Another incredible noise rises from the stands as he makes his way down to the ring.

First out is WBA champion Scott Quigg, hitting the ring to the sound of Oasis. It's a split crowd in the arena tonight, the Bury-born fighter comes out to a chorus of boos.

The big man Michael Buffer is in the house to call these two into the ring. Here we go...

The atmosphere at the Manchester Arena sounds electric at the moment as we approach the ring walks. We hear fight time is delayed a tad, both fighters are still in their dressing rooms at the moment taking part in some final warm ups.

The ringwalks for our main event are scheduled for the 10:45pm by the way.

We aren't the only ones who can't separate these two. Anthony Joshua and Kell Brook are two more sat firmly on the fence.

I think Frampton is rattled and Quigg seems really on it, down to weight and sharp. It looks like he's done everything perfectly," Brook said. "The closer it's getting to the fight, the more I think it's 50-50.

It's a tough fight to call, that's for sure. It certainly isn't a 70-30 or even a 60-40 fight, this is a proper 50-50," Joshua said. "I'll be honest and tell you I don't know too much about Frampton but I do know Scott trains hard and is very, very resilient.

An early finish is the last thing everyone wants tonight, and given the pedigree of these two, it seems unlikely. Because of that, talk of a rematch is already in the air, but Carl Frampton is keen to ensure the question isn't raised again after tonight.

It will be so one-sided it won't warrant a rematch. People are comparing it to Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales [the Mexican greats fought a classic trilogy in and around the super-bantamweight division in the 2000s] because they were so closely matched.

"But I don't see this fight like that. Once he gets hit he will go into his shell and I'll outbox him, until he gets brave enough to open up. When he does open up, he'll get knocked out.

"If he stays tight and keeps his hands to his chin, it may go the distance. If it does, it's a comprehensive points win for me. Either way, it will be such a comprehensive win for me that they won't want a rematch."

Four years in the making, Scott Quigg vs Carl Frampton has been a regular feature in everyone's 'Top 10 fights we want to see this year' pieces for a while. Tonight, we finally get to see the bantamweight kings collide. A couple of fiery face-to-face encounters this week tell you all you need to know about this rivary. These two do not like each other, it is as simple as that.

Good evening and welcome to IBTimes UK's live coverage of the IBF and WBA super-bantamweight title showdown between Scott Quigg v Carl Frampton.