Magaluf tourists
The incident is believed to have taken place near Punta Ballena street in Magaluf, famous for its nightlife among British tourists. JAIME REINA/AFP/Getty

Police in Mallorca are seeking three men after a 19-year-old Scottish female claimed she was gang-raped on a beach in the party area of Magaluf.

Though police have been given a photograph of one of the men who allegedly attacked the British teen, a spokesman for the Civil Guard confirmed that they had yet to make any arrests.

The victim says she was sexually assaulted on the stretch of a beach in front of the Punta Ballena strip, which is the most popular part of the tourist resort. The incident happened some time on Friday night and police were called to the scene on Saturday morning at 1am.

Local media reported that the young woman went to the beach area with one of the men, whom she allegedly knew from nights out in the area, to find that his two uninvited friends were waiting there when she arrived.

She later told police all three sexually assaulted her before she was found by the police and Civil Guard without her clothes and crying in distress.

She says she shouted for help whilst on the beach but no one came to her aid, and the Civil Guard is analysing her clothes for clues and DNA.

A source claims that there is a photo of one of the alleged offenders, thought to have been on a mobile phone the woman was carrying.

They said: "She had a picture of one of the men she said had raped her and assured officers she could identify him."

The nationalities of the offenders have not been revealed, though they are thought to be British. It is also not known if the woman was on holiday or living and working in the area.