Keke Palmer, popularly known as Zayday on Fox's horror comedy series Scream Queens, has released her latest music single and video titled I Don't Belong To You. The 22-year-old American singer and actress looks glamorous in the new video.

Executive produced by the her, the video has been filmed in black-and-white. The song marks her return to the music industry. Palmer had last released an album in 2012.

The music video is being well appreciated by fans, who have waited long to listen to the actresses' magical voice. Written by Natalie Sims and Palmer herself, the lyrics compliment the singer's youthful sophistication.

The R&B artist is currently getting plenty of attention due to her portrayal of the character Zayday in Fox's horror series. However, the show is being criticised for racist remarks, but Palmer feels that the show is a satire and should be taken lightly.

"As an actor, you always have to separate yourself from the role that you are playing, ya know? Every character that you play isn't going to be cool and awesome. Having said that, I think that Zayday is extremely cool and awesome. Our show is a satire, so that is the fun of the show. Everything gets poked fun of at some point," she told Extra TV.