MTV Scream
Scream executive producers talk about the upcoming series MTV

Scream premieres this Tuesday, 30 June on MTV and fans of the popular horror film franchise will get to see how the story plays out on the small screen.

Makers of the TV show have managed to create an updated version of the original story by incorporating some darker sides of today's technology and social media.

"It becomes a thematic element for us in our current day story — the whole idea of the masks we wear in social media and who we are online versus who we are in reality," said the show's executive producer Jaime Paglia while talking to Yahoo about their new "Ghostface".

Apparently, the channel was toying with several ideas for a long time to adapt the film franchise for television and one of those ideas involved a supernatural route as well!

"...It [the series] had been in development for several years by the time I came to it, and they'd gone down a lot of different roads: a supernatural road and a traditional road," revealed executive producer Jill Blotevogel.

Scream season 1 plot

The series kicks off when entitled Lakewood High teenager Nina is murdered in an apparent crime of passion. A young loner, Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus), is outed via cyber bullying and gets by with the help of nerdy friend Noah (John Karna) and a renewed relationship with Emma (Willa Fitzgerald), her former best friend from elementary school.

Meanwhile, Emma's mother and the town's medical examiner, Maggie (Tracy Middendorf), work with Sheriff Clark (Jason Wiles) to solve the murder. Together, they must uncover if it is related to a killing spree committed by the previous generation's "bully victim", Brandon James.

Scream TV series premieres on 30 June at 10pm ET on MTV. You can click here to watch episode 1 online.