Lewis Hamilton will have to chase his fourth Formula One season championship from behind Sebastian Vettel.

Blistering late laps by Vettel and Max Verstappen will have Ferrari and Red Bull starting 1-2 at the Mexican Grand Prix on Sunday (29 October). Hamilton is set to start third. He leads Vettel in the season title chase by 66 points and can win it if he finishes fifth or better.

Vettel edged Verstappen by 0.086 seconds on Saturday to claim the 50th pole position of his illustrious career to date.

Hamilton has said he will push for a 10th win of the season even if he does not need it for the championship.

He will try to avoid any potential crash at the start when Vettel and Verstappen push for the first turn.

In Singapore, Vettel veered across the track to block Verstappen in a move that triggered a crash that took out both cars. Hamilton avoided damage and went on to win.