christmas pudding

Selfridges' Christmas puddings are being recalled by manufacturer Melrose and Morgan after the presence of mould was found. The recall affects puddings with the best before date 30 April 2016.

The Food Standard's Agency (FSA) said that usually food poisoning would not be caused by the presence of mould but "there is indication that it has resulted in the spoilage of the product". The product's full title is Selfridges Speciality Christmas Pudding, weighing in at 800g.

The FSA has said customers who still have the product should not eat it but should return it to Selfridges. They also said that they understood most of the products sold would have been consumed by now anyway: "Although Christmas puddings are a seasonal product and it is likely that they will already have been eaten, some may still be held by consumers, as the 'best before' date is still current."

Melrose and Morgan manufactures the puddings and has asked customers to return the products while they review their production process to find out what caused the contamination.