If you thought ice-cream and doughnuts were good enough to be enjoyed on their own, just imagine how sublime these two stalwarts of the snack world could be if you put them together. Imagine one large, gooey, wonderous funnel-shape doughnut concoction, with the ice-cream inside.

Behold the chimney cake. Made popular by a Prague café, the new foodie trend is thought to be a variation of the Trdelník. Popular in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Trdelinik is dough wrapped around a stick that is grilled, then topped with sugar and walnuts.

A café in Prague called the Good Food: Coffee and Bakery is now selling the tunnel-shaped cakes as Chimney Cakes that come filled with ice cream and other goodies. Give us a moment to breathe.

The cakes have been doing the rounds on social media and are becoming an increasingly popular Instagram share. Though traditional to the Czech Republic and its neighbouring countries, cafés around the world are now adding the doughnut ice cream cones to their menus.

The soon-to-open Milky Lane burger restaurant said that as far they know they will be the first place in Australia to sell the dreamy treats.

Whilst we are not laying claim to being the creator of this viral sensation, Milky Lane will be the first site in Bondi...

Posted by Milky Lane Bondi on Sunday, 28 February 2016