A father-of-six who was caught having sex with a neighbour's puppy has been handed a suspended five-year jail sentence.

Fanroi Mochachi, 45, pleaded guilty to bestiality at the Alexandra Magistrate Court in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Mochachi said that while he was walking towards a shared toilet, he caught two dogs mating. He told the court that he was overcome by temptation, Metro news website reported.

He chased the male dog away and had sex with the female one.

Mochachi was caught molesting eight-month-old Blackie by her 10-year-old owner and his uncle after they heard the pet's cries.

Magistrate Syta Prinsloo even branded Mochachi's actions as "serious, unnatural and barbaric", according to Mirror website.

"You are married and a role model to your six children.

"Most upsetting is that you will be expected to engage sexually with your wife, how will you explain this to her?"

The magistrate said that people who cannot control their desires to have sex with women, children or animals must be stopped.

The family who owns the dog are reportedly taking legal action to prevent Mochachi from returning to the neighbourhood.

Senior inspector Jaco Pieterse at the Sandton Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), said that the family were extremely concerned about the sentence as Mochachi will now be "roaming the streets unchecked".

"We would like to see much harsher sentences regarding the sexual violation of animals who, like children, are completely helpless to stop such violent attacks on them," Pieterse added.

The SPCA said they are looking for a new home for the dog, Mirror reported.

The Women and Men Against Child Abuse (WMACA), a non-profit organization in Randburg, South Africa have said that they welcomed Mochachi's conviction but are disturbed by the sentence he has received.