A delivery truck driver in South Africa has been fined 2,500 rand (£200) after he killed at least seven impala while speeding through Kruger National Park.

The South African National Parks department said Earnest Hickman, 51, was travelling at 32mph - just 2mph over the speed limit.

Other drivers said the vehicle overtook their cars at high speed, only to hit the impala at a road junction.

Hickman, who was a contractor working in the park, told South African newspaper Beeld it was a freak accident. "I feel awful but I'm innocent," he said.

"If I could have avoided the accident, I would have. I feel I am being unfairly crucified for something I could not control."

Laura Mukwevho, park spokeswoman, said Hickman could face a higher penalty.

"Management are discussing the possibility of banning him," she said. Hickman was also was charged with failure to comply with the National Environmental Management Act.

According to the park, impalas, especially fighting rams, tend to chase each other in the bush and over the roads, mostly when they are in their rutting season.

Head of public relations William Mabasa said: "The vehicle belongs to one of our contractors; however, strict measures had to be taken against the driver as we cannot afford to allow this sort of behaviour by anyone, including our business partners.

"We expect this move will act as a deterrent, while we also hope and pray that a similar incident will not repeat itself in future."