A Toronto bishop has admitted to carrying on affairs with two sisters at the same time.

The married preacher Wayne Jones, 56, repeatedly told the city's Superior Court, "I'm not proud of it".

Jones, of the United Spiritual Baptist Church based in the Ontario capital, is accused of sexually assaulting four female parishioners and three counts of fraud amounting to C$24,000 (£14,000). He denies the charges.

The case also involves allegations that the minister drugged his victims and had sex with them, which he insisted was a key element of the exorcisms he performed.

Trinidad and Tobago-born Jones admits having sexual relations with women in allegations that date back to 1991 and range up until 2013. But he says all of those relations were consensual, including the affair with the sisters, which lasted some 18 months in the early 90s. None of the victims can be named.

But Jones, who founded the United Spiritual Baptist Church in June 2000, said he never carried out exorcisms or any voodoo practices. Jones describes himself as a 'Bishop' on the church's website.

"We would be the laughingstock of Baptist churches if we did that," he told the court.

However, one sister, now 63, said Jones spiked her cherry Kool-Aid while she was in his Toronto basement one evening in 1991.

She told the court she felt ill and asked what the preacher had put in her drink, but Jones put his hand over her mouth. She lost consciousness, waking up the next morning eleven hours later, in her underwear with no memory of what had happened.

The sister said she felt frightened and rushed home because her two young sons had been left alone overnight.

The first sister added that on another occasion Jones had visited her rooming house – sometime between 1993 and 1996 – and convinced her to have sex as the only way to expunge evil spirits that had been haunting her.

They went to bed. She added: "He fondled my breast, I felt his big erection behind my buttocks," reported the Toronto Star.

The woman admitted she did not file sexual assault charges at the time.

Defence lawyer Randall Barrs said: "I suggest that if it happened, you wanted it to happen."

Earlier the court heard that during the 90s Jones met the younger sister and who had given him a key to her home, which he used whenever he wanted to have sex with her.

The younger sister said Jones wanted her to have his baby. She told the court: "I said, are you crazy? This is not a love affair. It was insane for him to ask me, as my pastor, to do that."

The woman added that Jones would cover himself in aphrodisiac oils to attract women. She said: "You could smell it on him. And you can't resist."

Earlier a third victim told the court she turned to Jones for help after a Montreal psychic had placed a curse on her. She said the cure Jones proscribed was that she sleep with him, which she did 30 times between 2010 and 2013.

She also added that Jones fraudulently obtained C$19,000, from her boyfriend, and took possession of his C$5,000 car.

The fourth and final victim also alleges that that Jones sexually assaulted her during an exorcism.

Jones settled in Canada from the Caribbean in 1984 when married his wife, Debra.

The case continues.