Sheryl Crow has joined Ralph Lauren's "Together in Pink" campaign against cancer and is opening up about her cancer story to share lessons and messages of hope. The singer revealed that her perspective on life definitely changed after her battle with the disease.

The singer said her "life changed so dramatically" after she had cancer. She admitted that the disease took over the reins of her life, which she initially thought she was in control of.

"All the things you think about your life, how you think you have everything in your control, it's just not true," Crow said in a video to promote the campaign.

"Even though I would never wish a cancer diagnosis on anyone, what you come away with and what you accrue — the life lessons, the strength, the perspective — is invaluable," she added.

Aside from the singer, the global campaign also includes cancer fighters Tammy Walker and Mimi Argueta, Emmy Award-winning writer and speaker Suleika Jaouad, and five-time Olympic gold medallist Nathan Adrian. They come with the support of a family member, a friend or a fellow cancer survivor as they "share their personal journey through the power of conversation."

The global campaign aims to bring awareness to cancer and help raise funds for the victims and their families. It wants to inspire a culture of hope and support within the said commnity.

"When someone we love has cancer, we are all affected — husbands, wives, mothers, and fathers, sisters, brothers, and friends. This is our effort in the fight against cancer," Ralph Lauren said in a statement published by People.

Ralph Lauren has a legacy of fighting cancer in underserved communities. Since 2000, #PinkPony has worked to reduce disparities in cancer care. This year, we welcome those touched by cancer to share their stories and build a community of hope, inspiration and support

— Ralph Lauren (@RalphLauren) September 29, 2019

The fashion behemoth plans to launch the "Pink Pony" global marketing campaign in October to raise money for cancer-related charities and programs. Among the items up for grabs include updated versions of Polo classics with new prints and the "Live Love" pink graphic T-shirt which costs $68.

According to the publication, all proceeds from the sale of the shirt and 25 percent of the purchase price from all other items will go to the Pink Pony Fund or to cancer-related charities. Crow said she wears the shirt to show her support as a survivor and to present her "commitment to fighting cancer."

The singer was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. It was caught in the early stages and Crow survived the disease after undergoing a lumpectomy and seven weeks of radiation.

Sheryl Crow
Sheryl Crow poses on arrival at the 47th Country Music Association Awards in Nashville Reuters