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Advertisements and billboards often end up in inviting controversies and criticisms as the companies go in great lengths to attract consumer attention to their products and ideas.

At times, the advertisement campaigns go beyond the normal product showcase to ignite the shock factor among the audience to convey the message.

Against fierce competition for consumer attention where thousands of brands fight for space, shock campaigns are an outstanding way of clutter-busting.

In November 2011, clothing company Benetton rolled out a campaign which showed political leaders lip locking in spite of their political and ideological differences.

The campaign has invited widespread reactions forcing the company to withdraw the advertisement featuring Pope Benedict XVI and an imam kissing each other on the mouth.

Similarly, a channel 4 advert for its second TV series My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding invited more than 500 petitions regarding the words used in the campaign.
The advert read "Bigger. Fatter. Gypsier."

Though the complaints were rejected by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the words used in the advert were considered racist and offensive by organisations such as London Gypsy and Travellers Unit.

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