An Australian cyclist has released footage of the moment he was hit by a car during his morning commute.

Geoffrey James was cycling to work along a Brisbane road when the accident happened. Moments later, he was lying in the road and shouting for someone to call an ambulance. "Call the ambos," he yelled. "Call the ambos. Call the cops".

The driver of a white sedan, whose identity is not known, jumped out of his vehicle and offered James money. "I'm sorry man, I'm really sorry," the driver said. "I'll pay you, I'll pay you man. Please man, I'm running late for work man, I'll pay you."

But the cyclist screamed back: "I can't get to f****** work. How the f*** didn't you see me?"

Social media users were quick to defend the car driver, even though he appeared to be in the wrong, and labelled James a drama queen.

In a Facebook post on the Courier-Mail's page, users accused the accident victim of melodrama.

"Riding that slow in the middle of the road during peak times is pure stupidity," one user said.

"I agree that cyclists have a right to the road. But use your f****** brain. Having a right doesn't mean you're invincible."

Another Facebook user pointed out that there was a dedicated, fenced-off bike path alongside the road. James's footage shows another cyclist using it.

A third commentator poked fun at James: "Sure he's not at fault, but with the performance he put on he's probably getting a starting spot with the Socceroos."

"Why the hell would a cyclist ride in the middle of a road when they are much slower and the sun glaring in the car drivers eyes making it hard to see what's in front... Sorry, but I think the cyclist should have not been right in the middle of the lane," another user said.