Father kicking son
The video shows the father kicking his young son after he failed to stand on an icy path YouTube/ screengrab

A disturbing video that has gone viral in Kyrgyzstan shows a "cruel" father kicking his young son after the toddler was unable to stand on an icy path.

The incident took place in Kyrgyzstan's capital city of Bishkek and was secretly recorded by an unidentified witness, who later shared it online. The date of the incident has not been verified but local media reports say that it happened recently.

In the video (Warning: Graphic content), the 50-year-old father – whose name has not been disclosed – can be seen repeatedly kicking his son after he fell on the icy path. The toddler can be seen trying to stand on his own but falls over again.

When the child finally lies down flat in the slush and snow, appearing to give up, the man can be heard venting his anger out on him in the clip. He then violently lashes out at the boy by kicking his back to send him sliding across the ice.

The man then picks the youngster by the arm and drags him along the snow before the toddler finally manages to walk.

Local media reported that the father has been arrested after the video went viral and police are probing the incident.

Viewers of the video on YouTube have criticised the horrific incident and called out for the immediate sentencing of the father.

User Baz Inga commented on the clip, saying, "What a f**kin animal! Could this creature be called a father? Unbelievable cruelty...", while another user, Jiyon Rahman, remarked, "So cruel."

IBTimes UK could not independently verify the contents of the video.