Dramatic YouTube footage shows moments before and after a plane crashed on a road near an air show in southern England on 22 August, leaving 11 people confirmed dead. One person was being treated for life-threatening injuries and a further 14 people were being treated for minor injuries, police said in a statement.

A small plane, thought to be a Hawker Hunter fighter jet, taking part in an air show in Shoreham, West Sussex, crashed nearby and hit several cars on a main road, the A27. YouTube footage shows the plane in the sky at about 1.20pm, before crashing and setting on fire. Plumes of smoke can be seen gushing out of the crashed aircraft.

One eyewitness described the scene. "He came down across, in fact, about half a mile away actually and it was obviously too low and that was it. He hit the ground and there was a lot of flame and nasty smoke."