A bizarre music track has become an unexpected hit on the iTunes charts, rising above the likes of Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake – and there's not a single word or note to be heard on it.

The 10-minute completely silent track called 'A a a a a Very Good Song' by Samir Mezrahi has become a success, sitting at number 30 (at time of writing) on the US download charts due to its ability to fix a common annoyance with Apple's music player.

Users who plug their iPhones into their car sound systems will find that iTunes will automatically play the first song listed alphabetically on your library.

Many frustrated iPhone owners will be all-too familiar with hearing the likes of A Team by Ed Sheeran playing every time they turn on their stereos, with many saying the quirk has ruined songs for them.

By downloading the £0.79 track this will bypass the frustrating feature. You'll notice from the name of Mezrahi's track it's purposely been titled to ensure it is the first track atop of your library, and being 10-minutes long will give users plenty of time to choose their music before rushing to switch off repeatedly-heard tracks in rage.

Since its creator tweeted out the news of his track climbing the charts it has received nearly 15 thousand likes – mostly of people thanking him for his 'heroic' and 'life-changing' deed.

While available in the UK, the track is yet to storm the charts here, however there may be a chance Apple could remove it from iTunes should it deem it to breach its terms and conditions. Users can create their own silent track and add it to their library, however the low-cost hack might be the easiest way to solve the Apple issue, or at least save your sanity.